What is TESC Force ?

As a non-profit organization, we help big companies and growing start-ups to succeed in their challenge of transformation & conquest.

We can help you to set-up easily in our area, to build teams, and to create strategic partnerships with famous or innovative companies of our ecosystem.

  • 35,000 engineer skills ready to work for your project!

  • English speaking people who are used to work in an international environment

  • Working with the best innovative techno and methods 

  • Capacité from 1 to 500+ FTE

Our engineers are experienced in various domains: health, retail, banking, space, chemical, transport, energy, telecom, agritech and, of course, aircraft industry…

Please discover here under our domains and click on our showroom to see compelling projects.


Strategy Consulting
Management Consulting
Change Management
Business Controllers

IT / Digital

Study Engineers / Developers
Analysts / Project Ownership Support
Architects / Experts
Network / Telecoms / Communications Engineers
Infra / Datacenter / Cloud Engineer
Security / Cybersecurity Engineer
Project Manager / Director
Operation Manager / SDM (Run / Support)


Quality Engineer
Supply Chain Engineer
Production / Process Engineer
Lean Specialist
Works Manager
Environment / Reach / Safety Engineer
Project Manager / PMO
Aircraft Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer
Thermal Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Power Electronics Engineer
Simulation / Modeling Engineer
Aerodynamic Engineer
Method & Production Engineer
Maintenance Engineer

Avionics / Performance Engineer
Test & Validation Engineer
CAD / DMU Specialist
Configuration Management


Tesc Force skills are supported by a strong ecosystem :

Trusted Partners

Tesc Force was created by Syntec Numerique,  with the support of trusted partners. Thanks to our partners !