What can TESC Force do for you?

Created by the NUMEUM Union (Syntec Federation) and supported by the Digital 113 cluster, the program TESC Force helps technology companies and territories meet their challenges in and from Occitanie.

You’re looking for a dynamic area to set up a tech department or a subsidiary? We can help you to build tech teams, to create strategic partnerships and to find customersAs a non-profit organization, we help all sizes companies over the world to succeed in their challenge of development and transformation.

Attractiveness of talents and businesses, job creation, development of skills, international development… To find out more about the TESC Force program and its various actions, contact us: contact@tescforce.com

A shared ambition

TESC Force, supported by leading institutions, is the armed wing of the digital sector in Occitania. Its ambitions are as follows:

  • Guaranteeing the competitiveness of our area and companies in the race for digital transformation

  • Strengthen the attractiveness and influence of the territory, businesses and talents

  • Generate new jobs to diversify the local economy and allow the sector to develop.


Our area shelters a strong ecosystem:

  • 110,000 Engineer skills to hire or rent for your projects, with one of the best value for money in Europe, most of them speaking English in an international environment

  • Customers ready to innovate with you in several domains

Testimonial: why did they choosed our area?

Loft Orbital (Newspace)

EasyMile (Automotive)

Uwinloc (IOT)

Smart Connect (Data)